2.500 year anniversary marathon

Heilbronn - Karlsruhe - Straßburg - Athen/Marathon

Main embassy

In view of the upcoming 2.500th anniversary of the myth of the marathon, the 2.200 km long ultramarathon from Heilbronn to Athens, via Karlsruhe and Strasbourg, will be representing the qualities stamina, dedication, insistence, energy, permanence and the own initiative. Only with these qualities will it be possible, to achieve long-term success in the categories sport, health and economy.

Approach for the main embassy

2.500 years ago (490 b.c.) the Greek won the battle against the Persians at the historical site of marathon. This victory wasn’t merely just a victory in battle, by winning in Marathon they defended their newly developed cultural, sporting and scientific achievements, thus making their later occidental sophisticated culture possible in the first place.
This was only possible due to the legendary marathon of the runner Pheidippides.
We recollect:  Only because of this courier from Marathon to Athens – the primal and only form of communication and knowledge transmission at that time, the lore of victory could be brought to Athens. Only the idea of the marathon made it possible, making the way for a complete victory which was a requirement for the later development of their occidental sophisticated culture.

2.500 years after the legendary first marathon with its important message, this anniversary-marathon will be the message itself.

Especially in this so-called civilized age the different health potentials found in a sensible exercised running sport should be emphasized.

We hope to achieve this by starting a second course parallel to the 2.200km long course by foot. The 2.200km long electronic knowledge-courier (e-kc) will start at the same time as the original run, via the most modern information- and communications techniques, supported and run by experts. Every scrap of information concerning health, sports and economy regarding running sports (stressing endurance sports) will be permanently collected, generated and evaluated.

This generated, updated and processed knowledge, acquired by the e-kc , will cross the finishing line in Athens at the exact same time as our runner, who will then have covered the whole 2.200km long marathon distance from Heilbronn to Athens.


After Athens


Running Sports - Healing Process - Technical Energy Efficiency


Press articles national and international

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Press articles regional

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The Marathonman, a student's project of the bachelor course Medical Informatics (Heilbronn University and Heidelberg University)

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